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Silicon Beach App Awards – Entry Submitted

Silicon Beach App Awards – Entry Submitted

Virtually Impossible Memory Squares was entered into the Silicon Beach App Awards contest.

Silicon Beach App Award – Virtually Impossible Memory Squares – Link

Silicon Beach App Awards Description

The Silicon Beach App Awards honor the most beautiful and innovative mobile apps in the world. Based in Silicon Beach, CA. Winning a Silicon Beach App Award is more than just a chance to stand out.

The SBAAs provide a unique distinction that will give your brand and product that extra edge that investors, consumers, and new talent are looking for.

Consumer apps are hard.
1% of consumer apps will ever make money.

The competition is insane.
My app has a slick website, a distinct icon, and the perfect niche. It makes life easier for people and is easy to understand. It’s sleek and charming. The transitions are fast and smooth. The layout crisp and clear. It’s beautiful. But, so are all of the other 1.5 million apps out there.

I need to stand out.
I’ve tried targeted advertisements, social media engagement, discounts, and special offers. But, so have the rest.

An award is different.
Once you have one under your belt, people go into your app with a bias – that it is better than all the others. That bias can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Get your app noticed.
Submit your app today for a Silicon Beach App Award and get your app the recognition you deserve.